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6 month study and training course


Security Audits are the main means of assessing the actual threat situation of a person or corporation. It is also being called Threat Assessment or Risk Assessment. Security or Risk Managers use security audits to collect pertinent data which will then be analyzed by the risk manager. See also PSM course

In order to professionally conduct a security audit, the security consultant or risk manager needs extensive knowledge as regards security in general, risk management procedures, loss prevention, economy, law. He also needs to know exactly HOW to assess the situation, what to look for, how to collect data and how that data needs to be analyzed. In addition to all that, the risk manager also needs to know how to use that data to formulate a security plan and how that plan must be implemented. The goal of each security audit of course is loss prevention. The risk manager must be able to properly identify the risks first before he'll be able to develop a plan on how to avoid and minimize the risks.

Our instructors are experienced security consultant and risk management experts. This course will greatly expand your professional capabilities in the field of security audits, risk assessment, risk management and crisis management and intervention. It is of course not as comprehensive as the full PSM course (due to shorter duration), this course is designed to supplement prior training as investigator, security operator, law enforcement or military operator and consultant as well as managers and security managers. It will fully qualify and equip you, providing the knowledge on how to conduct risk assessments, security audits and formulate security plans.

The course includes close to 6 months of intensive studies, a number of training exercises you will do, plus a very intensive and demanding 1-week practical seminar plus final exam and certification as BSA "Certified Security Audit Expert". The seminar will take place in continental Europe or USA, accommodation included (field conditions!). It will help you to distinguish yourself from any regular private investigator and raise your personal professional value.

Course Fee: 3,900.00 USD - including the complete course, seminar, certification - our security agency will offer cooperation to each graduate of this course as "licensed EUBSA partner" (optional)

Requirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age


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