Study and training course  "Certified Surveillance and Observation Expert" (Zertifizierter Experte Observierung und Ausforschung)

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3 month study and training course Surveillance and Observation


Surveillance and observation is a very common task security operators, law enforcement, private investigators and military operators are being assigned to.

There are a number of high-class specialist techniques and tactics that can be learned that make the difference between the ordinary detective and the surveillance expert. In order to fully understand that difference you should know that even the famous SAS (Great Britain) and DELTA (USA) counter-terror units use certain secret specialist army units (not part of neither SAS nor DELTA) of their respective countries to run high-risk and deep-cover surveillance operations. Even the CIA or British MI6 are doing the very same thing.

This fact should show you that there are in fact VERY special tactics and techniques, some involving technology, others just pure guts and street wits. Also, elite snipers use some very special covert observation techniques.

This course teaches you a number of basic, advanced and even secret covert tactics which will make you a true surveillance and observation expert. They will give you the extra edge to distinguish yourself from the regular detective running a tail on someone.

The course includes close to 3 months of intensive studies, including some classified learning material not available on the open market, use of equipment, a number of training exercises you will do, plus a very intensive and demanding 1-week practical seminar plus final exam and certification as BSA "Certified Surveillance and Observation Expert". The seminar will take place in continental Europe or USA, accommodation included (field conditions!).

Course Fee: 2,400.00 USD - including the complete course, seminar, certification

Requirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age

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