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3 month study and training course CRIME SCENE and EVIDENCE

Processing a crime scene has become a complex science, crime scene investigation, processing evidence and preparing such evidence for court in order to be acceptable by a judge and thus admissible before the court, are no easy tasks. The full offical training of any decent law enforcement department takes 3 months or more to complete. You need a special set of skills, experience and knowledge of law.

There are many things you can handle the wrong way, and evidence may be thrown out of court, your client will lose the case and your reputation as an investigator will be shot. This special course will show you the ropes. You will learn how to protect and professionally process a crime scene, how to collect and preserve evidence in such a way, that a court of law will accept it as admissible evidence.

Our instructors are experienced investigators who have worked hundreds, if not thousands crime scenes each. They will show use the proper use of technology used by modern crime scene investigators and how you need to handle evidence. The course includes close to 3 months of intensive studies, use of equipment, a number of training exercises you will do, plus a very intensive and demanding 1-week practical seminar plus final exam and certification as BSA "Certified Crime Scene and Evidence Expert".

The seminar will take place in continental Europe or USA, accommodation included (field conditions!). It will help you to distinguish yourself from any regular private investigator and raise your personal professional value.


Course Fee: 2,400.00 USD - including the complete course, seminar, certification - if booked in combination with the Crime Scene Photo/Video course, BOTH courses together will cost as of 3,300.00 USDRequirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age

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