10-day-course "BUSH CRAFT" - Escape, Evasion, Survival and Tracking

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Survival, Escape and Evasion (E&E), Tracking

This “Bush Craft” escape&evasion course is an intensive 10-day course teaching you the most important techniques of escape, evasion, survival and tracking. In a number of situations they might very well save your life and become the most important lessons you've ever learned. Plane crashes, natural disasters, kidnap - private individuals and security operators and/or their principals can experience such situation almost any day.

Learn how to survive from experts – form bush men and experienced security and military professionals from England, South Africa, Israel, the US and France. Learn how to land-navigate, how to escape from captivity, how to evade trackers, how to track others and wild game, how to survive anywhere, as well as basic self-defense with natural objects as weapons and wild-life medicine. Course takes place in South Africa or France. Part of this course has been shaped after the famous SERE course (US army, SF). It can be adapted for closed groups, e.g. any group of private citizens with less intensity or high-intensity for trained professionals with high level of fitness. It’s a great course for incentive or team building events as well!


E&E, SERE training course EUBSA-BSA www.bs-academy.com

The total course costs as of 1,400.00 USD including the complete course, accommodation and meals, shuttle from airport and back plus a certificate stating you've taken part in this great adventure.

Any person of 16 years of age and up can participate, but you should be basically fit and have NO medical problems. There will be medical support for any emergency. Accommodation will be very basic (field conditions), according to the courses goals. Do not expect any luxury, this is a REAL survival course - it's not a cake walk.

You won't forget this adventure any time soon! And you shouldn't... - what you will learn will help you survive any crisis and disaster. This training course is a must for security professionals, especially for any CP or private military operator.


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