Tactical Questioning - how to survive torture And conduct TQ

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7-day-course TACTICAL QUESTIONING (TQ) - survive and withstand tactical questioning

Kidnap, hostage taking, capture by criminals or terrorists - situations like these are no longer "exotic", they can happen to just about any one who leave the house today and it can happen even IN your own home. For frequent travelers, VIPs, exposed individuals such as managers or politicians or people working for human support organizations, their families, their staff and of course for security personnel it is no longer a far stretch: they all can become victim very easily and thus being exposed to harsh interrogation, so-called "tactical questioning".

This course teaches you how such interrogators operate, both criminals and real experts (military, intelligence, police, and terrorists). You will learn how these people think and how they will try to manipulate you. And you will learn how survive and even to resist such situations, and WHEN you should or should not try to resist.

This course will come VERY close to reality without actual harm to you.

Knowing the techniques and where your personal limits are may very well make the difference between life or death. You may have to stay long time in seclusion, a captive of criminals without any regard for your life, who will try to use you and manipulate you. They might even torture you. You CAN learn how to better cope with these kinds of situation and even support your family or rescue parties.

Instructors of this course are long-time experts in tactical questioning with a vast knowledge and experience.

The TQ course takes place in South Africa or France, duration 7 days; this course can be adapted to special requirements for a group, it can also be expanded to up to 2-3 weeks. The 7-day course costs 1,800.00 USD and includes complete course, accommodation and meals. You will go through a 2 day training and then experience a 4 day simulation of a real-life TQ situation.

You should absolutely have NO medical problems in order to register for this course.

You won't forget this adventure any time soon! And you shouldn't... - what you will learn will help you survive any crisis and disaster. This training course is a must for security professionals, especially for any CP or private military operator.

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