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3 month study and training course


Crime scene photography and taking video in such a way that the work produces admissible evidence before a court of law is much more complicated that any layman may think. In ANY case, it's much more complicated than taking pictures when on vacation...

This special course will teach you how you scientifically take photos and videos of a crime scene. You will learn how to use various equipment and how to create reports and logs that prove your professional work. If you expect every judge or lawyer to accept your picture at face value without questioning them, you are making a big mistake which may mean you'll lose the case, the client and your reputation.

Our instructors are trained photographers and certified crime scene experts, some with over 20 years of experience, also in official law enforcement.

The course includes close to 3 months of intensive studies, a number of training exercises you will do, plus a very intensive and demanding 1-week practical seminar plus final exam and certification as BSA "Certified Crime Scene Photo/Video Expert". The seminar will take place in continental Europe or USA, accommodation included (field conditions!). It will help you to distinguish yourself from any regular private investigator and raise your personal professional value.

Course Fee: 2,400.00 USD - including the complete course, use of equipment, seminar, certification - if booked in combination with the Crime Scene and Evidence course, BOTH courses together will cost only 3,300.00 USD

Requirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age


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