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2 week intensive training course

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BSA knife fighting course

Knives have been around ever since the Stone Age as both tools and weapons. They are relatively cheap, they can be acquired almost anywhere in the world, most of them are legal to buy and possess, and they can be even home-made from many materials. Knives are perfect back-up and even primary weapons. One of the most formidable weapons to have at home for personal defense is a sharp sword...

Also, knives are omnipresent in many countries of the world. It is thus very important for security operators to know how to handle a knife and how to defend against a knife. Some types of knives, in our opinion, are more versatile and useful as weapons, as others. We believe that the WW II type smatchet and the Nepalese KUKRI (or Kukhri) knife, actually a cross between axe, knife and sword, are very useful weapons for the modern soldier. However, it's very hard to find professional and genuine kukri knife fighting courses.

BSA knife fighting course

The KUKRI is the back-up weapon of the GURKHA soldier from Nepal. The Gurkhas have been famous since hundreds of years. The Gurkha soldiers are known for their speed and their willingness to fight till death under extreme conditions, perfectly suited for guerilla warfare. The British army still has Gurkha regiments; they are currently operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. The kukri knife has a long history, deriving from ancient Greek swords, and some religious significance to the Gurkhas. It is one of the few knives which let you feel the awesome power the moment you pick it up.

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This special 2-week course is a very intense knife fighting training course, comprising various kinds of different knives and training methods, from Bowie knife tactics to Kali knife fighting and kukri knife fighting training with genuine Gurkha soldiers who have now joined our team of instructors, as well as special folding knife fighting. It also includes stick fighting, axe fighting techniques and defense techniques against knives, Israeli Krav Maga. This course teaches various otherwise hard-to-get techniques which will give every security, close protection and military operator the extra edge over any opponent.

BSA knife fighting course

Course Fee: 3,000.00 USD - including the complete 2-week course, accommodation and meals and certification

Courses take place in Nepal, south Africa or France with genuine Gurkha instructors and other knife experts

Requirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age


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